Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

"A bright, thoughtful future for our great city"

Movement for Change in Medford still Growing

Since first running for City Council in 2013 it’s been such an honor to meet so many terrific Medford residents from all walks of life.  Enough though the election of 2013 did not lead to securing a seat of the seven member council the conversations with citizens did not stop.  So many Medford residents continue to express frustration with the lack of effective communication between average ordinary residents and our elected officials.  Changing the dynamics of city government to one of mutual respect and cooperation is critical to Medford’s future. I have been able to discuss the nitty-gritty details of bond funding, sustainable growth, education, public services and more.  I’d like to sit down with your group, or your friends and neighbors, to have this discussion with you.  Call or email the campaign and we’ll work around your schedule. This is so important, Medford. Real democracy is working!


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