Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

"A bright, thoughtful future for our great city"

Campaign Kicked Off on Flag Day June 14th

“It is not by accident we are here today at the Royall House and Slave Quarters. We are here as a symbolic reminder of the hopes and dreams for the people of Medford past. It includes those who toiled away on the ground we walk today.  I imaged that they dreamed of a day like today where a black man raised in this Community of Medford has a realistic chance, in a democratic election, of getting elected as one of the city’s leaders.  And the color of his skin has very little to do with his elect-ability but rather the content of his character, leadership abilities and commitment to community are the defining qualities that the voters see when they place a check next to his name and elect him as a new City Councilor in Medford.”


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