Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

"A bright, thoughtful future for our great city"

Resident shares why she is voting for Neil Osborne

Dear Fellow Medford Resident,

As you may know, there are 16 candidates running for City Council in Medford but there can only be 14 on the November ballot. So a Preliminary Election is being held in Medford on September 1 to narrow the field down to 14 candidates.

I am writing to urge you to VOTE FOR NEIL OSBORNE on September 1!

I believe we need Neil on our City Council. Neil is an attorney who is a lifelong Medford resident. He is president of the Mystic Valley Branch of the NAACP. He is a strong advocate for the city. He will bring much-needed diversity to our City Council, which is currently all white even though the city of Medford is not.

In the fall, I will have a coffee at my house so you can meet Neil. I’ll let you know about that. For now, I hope you will VOTE FOR NEIL on September 1. I plan to cast just one vote in that election–a targeted vote for Neil to insure he is on the November ballot.

I hope you will VOTE FOR NEIL on 9/1!




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