Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

"A bright, thoughtful future for our great city"


Make a Campaign Contribution Securely Online

You can now make a direct contribution to the Committee to Elect Neil Osborne Medford City Council by using one of the Paypal links below.

Campaign finance law requires that contributions to a political candidate’s campaign committee come from personal funds (no corporate contributions).  Additionally, the Campaign is required to list your home address and employer for any person contributing more than $200.00 in a calendar year.  Starting in January 2015 Massachusetts amended its campaign finance law increasing the maximum individual contribution up to $1,000 in a calendar year up from $500.00 M.G.L. c. 55 section 7A.

Feel free if you are more comfortable to mail a campaign contributions:

Committee to Elect Neil Osborne

P. O. Box 5600121

Medford, MA 02156


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