Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

"A bright, thoughtful future for our great city"

Meet Neil

For over 15 years Neil Osborne ran his own law practice focusing primarily on plaintiff discrimination matters.  In 2015 Neil Osborne is now in a position to give back even more to the community of Medford where he grew up and is now raising his family.


Neil Osborne and Family

Neil has always given back whether serving his 4th consecutive two year term as the President of the Mystic Valley Area Branch MVA-NAACP (the local NAACP branch).  Neil’s commitment to community does not stop as a local civil rights leader it is a starting place.  Serving an appointment on the recommendation of Medford’s Council on Aging Neil Osborne for the last 6 years also serves the City of Medford as a Board Member of Mystic Valley Elder Services “MVES”.  MVES for the past 30 years has complemented the City’s Council on Aging to provide services to Medford seniors that keep them living in their homes and not in nursing institutions.  Other ways Neil gives back includes his recent election as the President of Medford Health Matters “MHM”.  Prior to his election as President Neil served MHM as Treasurer and Vice President.  For over 20 years MHM serves the Medford community by foster programs that focus on healthy living for all who live, work, play or learn in Medford.

Neil Osborne some how also finds the time to serve the community as the Vice President of the West Medford Community Center.   Additionally, he is an active member of Medford Kiwanis Club as well as serving on the City’s Community Development Board appointed by Mayor Michael MyGlynn.  Neil Osborne’s commitment to serving his community is remarkable.  Read about the important issues facing Medford today.

With all that he gives to make his community better – his proudest title is that of Dad.  Neil and his wife, Maria L. Scott are proud parents of Drexel Osborne, an 8th grader at the Andrews Middle School.

Neil Osborne, with your help, support, and encouragement will also have the honor of serving Medford as a new City Councilor starting in 2016.




Neil Osborne for Medford City Council

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